Knitwear production

From raw materials to textiles and garments,
all requests are welcomed at Sawada

For soft and delicate knit products, it is necessary to consider texture, weight, and other factors during process. From choosing materials to imagining the garment, Sawada provides information on all aspects of knitting production. You can touch and feel the texture of yarns, swatches, and garments of many samples for shaping your ideas during meetings at Sawada.

Flexible response and implementation with
special production lines.

Sawada gives technical assistance when you are considering the uniqueness of your project and design. Also, requests for small lot production under 300 sheets, and short lead-time project are welcomed. With expert factories in Japan, and creditable ones in overseas, we will support your project.

Reliable garment factories

Knit factories

Although major lines exist overseas, there are factories which can compete on cost in Japan. Linking with care and modern technique, and the latest three-dimensional whole garment machine we are capable of completing your project.

Inspection facilities

There are inspection facilities in Japan. They help us with overseas productions with professional eyes of inspection products before shipping local stores. They are necessary for keeping the high quality of our products.

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