Aiming to become
the most dependable knit yarn / knit wear company in the world.

The textile industry town of Izumiotsu lies close to Kansai International Airport, the gateway to western Japan. From here, Sawada sends unique and easy to use yarns throughout the country and around the world.

Starting in the 1990s, Sawada moved from producing yarns into knit products with the manufacturing of our own brands. From yarn selection to the finished product, we have evolved into a total knitwear production support company.

Opening subsidiaries in Hong Kong in 2003 and Shanghai in 2012, we have set our sights on the world. Highly regarded for made-in-Japan quality and speedy, accurate supply capabilities, we are building the systems that make it possible to further contribute to the world knit industry.

To be the best knit yarn / knit wear company in the world, we will keep moving forward. For a brighter future in knit yarn / knit wear industry, Sawada will keep itself challenging for pursuit of uniqueness.

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