Sawada’s history began
with the challenges
of a merchant in the yarn industry.

1969 Sawada Co., Ltd. established with 5,000,000 yen in capital.
1972 Development and commercialization of “sunel” yarns.
(Becomes a hit product, selling 2,000 tons in four years)
1973 Capital increases to 10,000,000 yen.
1974 Knitting machine introduced in-house;technician hired
a mechanic to make original swatches
recruited to make knitted fabrics.
Planning capabilities expand.
1980 New Square Building is completed
(Izumiotsu-shi,Chihara-cho 2-2-19).
Headquarters moved.
1984 Extension of the annex to the current address.
15th anniversary of founding is celebrated
with a lecture by Sakaiya Taichi
1986 First original product exhibition and fashion show planned and held.
1988 Tokyo sales office is opened in Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
1990 Rectangle Building is completed
(Izumiotsu-shi, Chihara-cho 2-8-7)
Seranta Division is opened
1997 Tokyo sales office is transferred to Nihonbashi.
Capital increased from 20,000,000 yen to 48,000,000 yen (April).
Shikoku office is established (May).
1998 Tokyo sales office is moved to Minami Aoyama (April).
30th anniversary of founding (July).
2002 Osaka sales office is opened in Kawaramachi,
Chuo-ku (November).
2003 Sawada Hong Kong Co.,Ltd. is established.
2004 Makoto Sawada is appointed Chairman (July).
2008 ADAWAS debuts at Dusseldorf CPD Exhibition (July).
2009 Chairman of the Board, Takao Sawada,
receives Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon (November).
2011 Sawada Hong Kong Co.,Ltd. is relocated to new office.
ami amie debuts at Playtime Tokyo (August).
2012 Sawada Shanghai Co.,Ltd. is established (July).
2013 Shikoku office is closed (June).
2015 marusawa debuts at Tokyo International Gift Show (September).
KNOT YET! debuts at Osaka KNOT YET FLEA (October).
SAWADA New York inc. is established in New York (December).

Takao Sawada

  • Chairman of the Board, Sawada Co., Ltd.
  • President, Izumiotsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Honorary Chairman of Lithuania Chamber of commerce and Industry in Japan
  • Recipient, Order of the Rising Sun, 2009

Izumiotsu, a city known for its textile industry, was a center of blanket production in the Meiji era. By the time I began working as a yarn dealer at the age of 18, the industry was already in an impregnable position, and there was strong demand for blanket yarns. Although a stable career was available in dealing with these products, I chose to follow a different path in working with blanket yarns, a new genre at the time.
I encountered a series of difficulties for building up knowledge and a customer base. In this new and undeveloped segment, however, I felt great joy in developing new things, creating new value and opening up a market. Rather than competing on quantity, we focused on value. Continuing in this spirit, we eventually became a reliable partner for customers seeking new yarns for new sweaters, and began receiving inquiries from across the nation.
Since then, under the mindset of “continuously take on new challenges”, we have done so, growing into the company we are today. While giving back to the rich area of Izumiotsu which nurtured us, Sawada will likewise contribute to the global knit industry and continue to offer unique value.

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