Providing the know-how gained
from total involvement in knit production.

From the beginning of yarn development to the last stages of production, Sawada’s uniqueness lies in being involved with every aspect of the knitwear production. Wide familiarity with yarns makes a variety of expressions and color combinations possible, while involvement in the whole process, in turn, leads to further development of yarns.

Speedy delivery of high quality yarns
to the world’s production areas.

With a rich variety of raw and dyed yarns in stock in Japan and overseas, we back up speedy production. By analyzing past data and eliminating inefficiencies, we work for precise inventory management to meet customer demands.

A team that constantly creates unique value.

Not by imitating others, but by creating unique value ourselves, we aim to be a team which continues to contribute to the success of our customers. For those who wear and use our products, we will continue to provide positive value, and much more.

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