Yarn production

Unique designs

Unlike generic brands, Sawada’s yarns offer unique value while expressing the full possibility of knits. We consider not only the quality of the basic thread, but what charms will be exerted when it is finished,whether it is easy to knit or not, and the ultimate comfort of the wearer. Subject to extensive quality verifications, Sawada’s yarns meet all expectations.

Stable high quality

If the quality of a yarn is not stable, the automated production process can be delayed, leading to large losses. At our specialized production facilities in Japan, Sawada’s experienced designers use their extensive knowledge to produce consistently reliable yarns.

Speedy delivery

Production needs to be sped up, but the yarns you ordered won’t make it in time. To respond to such situations, Sawada stocks a wide variety of raw white and dyed yarns in Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, so we can deliver quickly to factories in Asia. We back up speedy production.

Spinning Facility

We obtain raw materials from around the world and raise quality by removing grease and dust without damaging the texture. Then the material is dried and ready for spinning. In Izumiotsu, there is also a high-quality manufacturer specialized in cashmere which has special technique to comb the delicate fiber.

Twisting Factory

Raw fiber is twisted and evenly finished. If bulky yarn is needed for sweaters, we twist single yarns. We know specialized factories which are good at changing tensions for variety of texture, or making intentional nibs and loops for uniqueness. These yarns are known for “Fancy twisted yarn”.

Dyeing Factory

There are two types for dyeing yarns; raw dye and finished yarns.
In Izumiotsu, there are coloring experts with much care and nearly 7,000 samples to chose from and we can make custom-colors. We also have dyeing technologies that don't damage materials, so we can serve you confidently.

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